Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Akele hain ....

V day has some strange effect on people ... most of my friends know that there is no way i can have a girl friend .. they know that any sane girl will not waste her time on me ... still they go ahead and ask me with a naughty smile on their face .. 'kya plans hain' .. they have been asking this for yrs now and know the answer also ... some things dont change .. do they ...

I can c some couple in campus already in V day mood ... and lot of V day wishes floating on IP messenger (IIMC internal messaging) by guys who don have that some special to wish ... I read somewhere that archies is expecting a 5 crore rupee sales of cards (goodies excluded) for V-day ... if we add gifts n choclates n flowers n dinners ... and yes the phone calls and SMSs ... the figure wud be staggering ... so for many ppl ... this day brings more of their first love .. money .

my V day will be spent asking ppl to fill a survey form for my marketing research project .. i guess lot of frustrated guys n gals waiting for their someone special for that special evening will be my target respondents .. if u c a seeda sada boy on streets of calcutta being beaten up by mob .. don assume that hez a over enthu majnu .. he mit be a poor chap from IIMC out to get his project completed .. wish me luck guys .. i need to get those forms filled ...

for others .. enjoi the V day ... and do fill up my survey form .. ciao

ps : one of my friends wrote - 'Realize that V day is ONLY a commercial holiday. It is NOT about love and relationships. It is about selling flowers.\, candy and diamond jewlery. Think of all the money you r saving'


  • and i spent the day with my parents. But i guess I don't seem to bother much abt it. Don't like to bother myself with something I now feel I can't change.

    By Blogger abby, at 2/16/2006 6:28 PM  

  • Well said man!! It may have been written in a humorous way, but I can feel the frustration mustering inside you man ;).

    Anyways, for my part I was stuck in my office dealing with my manager with all the freakin' heart shape balloons hanging all around the office in every damn corner. Nobody knew what to do with them or why they were there? Very few who tried to find out had those heart shaped balloon bursted with a noise which sounded like fart to some of my other lonely collegues. Anyways I had a good quality time with myself that day and n'joyed a lot...

    God(damn) bless bloody V day!!!

    AS from OkTaTa

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/17/2006 1:59 AM  

  • i wonder why you cant have a girlfriend .. i guess you dont wanna have one. you enjoy the freedom that you have and love exploring stuff, but being in a relationship doesnt mean compromising on your freedom. i wonder who would it be.. the girl who would 'fuel' your desires, someone cherry-picked by your mom and dad or would you fall for someone (that wud be something). none the less V day is just another day.. no big deal about it .. ya i really think so despite the fact that i've done things crazy enuf to warrant a sanity check ;) now guess who i am i have left enough hints.. crack this one

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/04/2006 2:15 AM  

  • @anom2
    well ... i guess i know who u are ... and i really don like playin this guessing game with frnds ... u cud have very well told this to me on phone/chat .... anyways if u happen to revisit my blog to read this comment ... u wud realize that i've cracked this one .. what say ...

    BTW ... I agree that a relationship wont mean compromising my freedom ... but the reasons y i don want a relationship are diff ... now if u r curious to know the reasons we'll better talk abt it the way we talk abt other things and not as strangers leaving msgs for each other...

    ps: I wonder much more than u abt who that girl wud be ..

    By Blogger Prayank, at 3/04/2006 1:04 PM  

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