Saturday, February 18, 2006

is everything ok

Every now and then i keep lookin back .. thinking about the time i've spent in IIMC ... the classes , the studies, the hostel life, parties, the bakar sessions etc etc ... coming here was surely the high point of my academic life ... but is the time spent here a high point of my life ???

no doubt that each and every moment spent in IIMC is a near-life experience ... absolutely rocking ... but then is the time spent on right things ... m i really doin what i shud be doin .. m i doin what any gud B-school grad shud be doing ... i had 5 classes yesterday ... the first one at 8 in the morning ... we usually do not have classes that early but the prof is a visiting prof so class was rescheduled .... what do we end up with ... sleepy souls barely listening to what the prof was teaching ....

there r many other things which i believe shud not be happening at a B-school .. but they r very much here and elsewhere .... i have read blogs of ppl from other IIMs who are not convinced with the way the 2 yrs at IIM are planned, atleast on the academic front ... too many courses .. little feedback and a mad rush for jobs and CGPA ... not to forget the surprisingly high levels of time, bandwidth and disk space spent on 'entertainment' ... whatz wrong (if at all anything is wrong) .. the system , the people or my mynd that is just not ready to accept things the way they are...

the question lingers ....


  • ...and it will. The question fits for nearly every situation prevailing in "modern" India.

    No Doubt getting into an IIM is still one of my dreams, but so was getting into an IIT once and still so was getting into some good American University for MS. I didn't get all that and ended up being just a software engg., and still not happy with the system. Dunno was it good or bad for me? Still confused!!

    But the reality is...we are far better off then the true victims of our System. The people who are not software, the people who don't know about big cities and many who haven't ever lived in a city. Think of the people who celebrate getting power back after 4 days cut...think of the childern in govt. schools who've got to eat the food cooked in toilet (yes!!)...

    I think Its not the Question which lingers....Its the problem which lingers...

    By Blogger Abhishek, at 2/18/2006 3:06 AM  

  • Time at IIMC is short. Don't waste it brooding over how to spend it, go do what you want. The debates - compulsary attendance Vs ppl sleeping in class, cgpa vs value add, extracurrics vs put slack and other - they;ve been on on for ages. Of the value you'll add to yourself here, the academic knowhow will only be a miniscule portion irrespective of the path you take. The biggest takeoffs lie elsewhere which you only start realising late in the second year and dont fully realise till late in your life

    ~soft benefits Vs hard knowledge

    By Blogger raven, at 2/18/2006 7:39 PM  

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