Tuesday, March 14, 2006

rats, indian idols and headlines

Well .. goin with the flavor of the season ... i got to talk about the salaries and placements at IIMs ... there were certain things that were troubling me the day it all started i.e the placements for 2006. For many B-school grads placements is the chequered flag of a rat race that they have been running for last 2 years or may be for last 24-25 odd yrs of their existence.

What i c in the outgoin batch is something disturbing. there is a decent number of ppl who have 'salary' focus as the only focus. these r the ppl who wud join the highest payin firm irrespective of the job/work at offer. Now there r not too many of them but they aren't too few to be discounted as exceptions. No wonder that media is so crazy abt our placements. ppl inside b-schools r equally crazy abt 'salaries' as the ppl outside.

Seems that the institutes and the media both fail to act in a responsible manner in this case. Indian media is facing extreme dearth of saleble news given the number of channels/ newpapers/ websites. News abt b-school placements sell like hot cakes. Every year u can create an 'indian idol' out of of a Ravi Sinha or a Gaurav Agarwal.The fact that salaries quoted are bloated figures is almost public knowledge. Still it is gud enuf to lure more ppl to appear for CAT and finally to an institute. i wont surprized if CAT applicants touches 2 lacs in 2006.

i can just hope that media and b-schools will start acting in a more matured manner .... i don want to see a day when a sting operation on 'b-school placements' hits the headlines ...


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