Friday, March 31, 2006

Its one of those days when u desperately want to write but ur mynd is in stand-by/hibernation. trivial and arbit things kept popping up during last one hour as i tried to key in something. finally some random thoughts ...

I visited the school were i studied from class I to V. it is a really cute feeling to walk again in those galleries where a gud part of ur childhood was spent. even though the school was closed ( a written test for admission in primary classes was goin but no classes) there was a sense of discipline, purity and innocence in air. Its like those movie scenes when u suddenly jump into flashback. i cud c myelf wearing that cute uniform a bag a water bottle neat socks and polished shoes ... although i don miss any of these things what i miss is that innocence that i cud c on every kids face ... wonder if i can be a kid again .. just for a day ... but may be i'll not enjoi that innocence now ... may be!!!

these days i m exposed to severly high doses of Saas-Bahus (both on screen and offscreen) ... ever since ekta kapoor invented the K-virus ... coming back home is never same ... to add to it all the aunts and bhabhis that come to meet my Mom tell some real life saas bahu stories which at times are more spicy than their TV versions. Now my mom has no interest in these real life saas-bahu soaps but even she cant stop those aunties ... i m sure that given a chance they'll beat Ekta Kapoor in her own game ... but i must confess .. the TV versions of K virus have some really cute faces ... they make better eye candy than all those item numbers and remixes ...

think i shud stop here. period.


  • From cute innocent Kindergarten faces to "K-type" saas-bahus, really random thoughts ;)

    By Blogger Abhishek, at 4/04/2006 7:09 AM  

  • I know what you mean. Even I miss those childhood days when I was innocent, when there were negligible study pressures, when the only thing on my mind was cricket, when I never worried about my career or future or about money as long as I got 3 meals a day and plenty of time to play cricket and sleep, when there were no differences between boys and girls.
    Oh to be innocent again!!!

    By Anonymous Y2, at 4/21/2006 12:03 PM  

  • @Y2
    gud to c u hear dude ..
    'there were no differences between boys and girls' .. so that troubling u .. lekin zara soch whatz the fun if those girls had not grown up ...

    By Blogger Prayank, at 4/22/2006 4:01 PM  

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