Tuesday, May 22, 2007

good best hai ya best better hai

this post is about 2 ways of life. and i want to come to the point right away.

So, the first one is called 'good-life'. It is basically about living a simple and comfortably paced life ( i am using comfortably instead of easy here, coz different people have different capabilities). It doesnt mean that one does not work hard, but it is about not running madly after things. Its about being a little sure of what you want, about enjoying the small things that happen to you. It is about feeling great that you have a 'good' life.

So far so good, ,many people would agree that this sounds great. But is it so easy? how many of us actually live a life like that? I dont say that such a life is free of complications. Complications to some extent make life challenging. So they are very much there in this good life too.

Now, lets call the other life - 'best-life' (pardon me if it reminds you of westlife, i dont like them at all). This is about running hard and harder and harder. Simple sa funda hai yaar, having an unending quest for perfection and excellence. Now is that good or bad? thats not really the question here. Many a times I have seen people troubling themselves in this pursuit of best-life. It seems that they are never satisfied, unless they achieve what is best according to them. And often, even that doesnt seem to make them happy. And sometimes, they have similar expectations from others. For them, anyone who settles for anything less than the best is no good. Imagine having a boss who thinks like that. Imagine what a 6 year old goes through when he has parents who are not satisfied with his 2nd rank.

So where are we going with this? am not passing a judgement on which of the 2 approaches are good. May be both, or may be there is a way to balance them. May be with time I would learn to appreciate the best-life more (I have learnt to appreciate it a bit in last 2 yrs). Till then .. hoping for a good-life as I start down counting my days at home .. wishing you a good-life or a best-life depending on what you feel is better.

ps: I honestly believe that this is a half cooked post. I should have given more thought to it before writing it down. But consider it to be a ceaserian rather than a normal delivery as I could not have held it for long in my mind.
I am trying to do away with my triple dot (...) style of writing and using proper english punctuations. Plz to correct me whrever the punctuations have gone terribly wrong.


  • You're a fast learner :)!
    Nice post. A pejorative term for your best-life would be rat race. But I still dont think it is or can be all that bad as long as we dont end up becoming rats.

    By Blogger Zainab, at 5/22/2007 1:12 AM  

  • yaar somewhr i think happiness is overrated.

    1st kind of people are happy living comfortably paced life whereas 2nd are happy chasing things.You switch their places and they will be uncomfortable. Its all a matter of perspective.

    Let me give an example, which will of course strech my comment. ;). suppose you are kind of person who lives in present, wants a good life , you will be happy doing that. but the moment you get scared abt future and start running after things, you switch places with 2nd guy, but u will still be happy. but if you decide not to chase coz you want your image of a chill person, even if you are scared of future, you'll be restless. :)

    so go do watevr, watevr ur heart tells u to, coz anyway you will wonder about wat if you had took the other path ;). but u will still be happy :)).

    sry for taking up so much precious space, but 1.13 am comments are rough :).

    By Blogger The Pirate, at 5/22/2007 1:15 AM  

  • and I always thought you are one guy whoz sure of what he wants (read good life).

    By Blogger abby, at 7/19/2007 4:04 AM  

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