Friday, May 19, 2006

Passing the parcel

I have received 3 mails(fwds) and 2 SMSs on this:

AIIMS: 96 hours after their hunger strike almost 100 students have collapsed. Please come out for support before its too late. What they are doing is for all of us! Its not only the doctors who are against the reservations, so are we and we should come out with full support. The media is prohibited by the government from covering the issue. Please Please Please spread the word...and do something...

I have been reading loads of views on the quota issue on blogs, message boards and mails. Some of them are written with really a balanced, well thought-off approach. Others were just plain anti-reservation rhetoric. I have been away from newspapers for more than a month now, but I assume that every one from Shobha De to Vir Sanghvi must have been writing about this. The point is, when would we say, “Ok, enuf has been written and said, now lets take ACTION”. ACTION, the big painful word.

No matter how strongly I feel about this issue, there is something missing inside me due to which I will never be able to do what my the doctors of my generation are doing. In simple words I lack courage. Thats why I dont even feel worthy of voicing an opinion. It’s not that I am helpless, I am clearly HOPELESS.

Hats off to those who are ready to stand up. God bless you guys. And for the rest, this is what you and I can do, fwd mails and SMSs saying -

“Please Please Please spread the word...and do something...“

Pass the parcel … the parcel of our country’s future, our future. It stopped mattering to us, and we'll cease to matter.

In my mynd:

Hawaon ki hawas kam nahi hoti
Chitaon pe bhi iskon sukoon aata hai
Tum ummeed ka daaman thaame rehna
Diyon pe bhi mashaal sa junoon aata hai


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