Saturday, June 10, 2006

Of farewell, triumph and a bus in the air

I had quite a few things in my mynd to write about when I left Chennai ... my laziness soared like Dhoni's sixes, the welcome rain in campus worked as a contraceptive for my mind and a post on farewell to Chennai died before conception...

The moment my cab entered the campus i felt very refreshing ... it was like coming to Miami beach after spending months in Antarctica analyzing the linguistic capabilities of infant penguins ... i cannot write more on this because expressing campus life in words is like asking Imran Hashmi to describe the word platonic

Taking a z turn to triumph ... I saw the movie Cinderella man ... it was my first movie on boxing and that too a movie set in the era of great depression ... it is difficult to imagine that people in America were poor and hungry at that time ... this movie made me think about triumph and the sense of achievement ... I must confess that I feel like crying and dancing while watching the climax scenes of jo jeeta wahi sikander, lagaan or lakshya to name a few ... these movies have captured victory beautifully ... they inspire you like anything ...

Finally about the bus that can fly ... I joined the traveled-in-air-deccan club last week ... the experience was so unique that I can write an entire post on that ... but respecting by laziness I’ll just key in a few lines here ... I always felt that if you want to see real India then travel in a train ... deccan comes close to that ...

Date 3rd june .. Air Deccan Chennai Calcutta flight ... scheduled at 7PM (just 20 minutes late ... thatz unlike Deccan)

5.30 - I checked in and paid a cool 770 bucks for the excesses fat that my suitcase had...

Rule I - Fat suitcases hurt your pocket more than slim girlfrnds

6.30 - no announcement for security check yet but I go in for security check and get thru

Rule II - Airport displays are as accurate as parthiv patels glove work

6.35 - Sudden announcement of boarding at gate no.1 and a queue is formed in a flash

Rule III - In India queues are not first in first out ... its fight urself in force urself out (FuIFuO)

6.45 - we board the bus (not the airbus dhakkan, but the bus to reach the aircraft), surprisingly everyone stands near the door ... because Deccan does not give seat number in flights … the FuIFuO logic works here also

Rule IV - fly Deccan only if you have substantial experience of local trains or public buses...

6.55 - We board the plane ... I take an the first isle seat found vacant ... other 5 seats in my row are already occupied ... a pretty girl walks in (my eyes wide open) she stops near me (I am on cloud nine) she sits on the seat behind my seat and I can’t see her now

Rule V - I am Murphy’s darling

7.30 - Flight takes off ... yes it waited 35 minutes after boarding ... I spend next 1.45 hours thinking that why the hell I didn't sit in a row where other seats were vacant and gave myself a chance

Rule VI - I am Murphy’s darling and I am an idiot

9.15 - Flights lands in Calcutta ... my ears are paining ... I meet up two batch mates at airport and take a cab to campus

Rule VII - kissi ne sahi kaha hai ... Ladki aur Bus ke peeche mat bhago ... ek jaati hai to doosri aati hai ...

Today is our first party as PGP2’s … it’s gonna be ABSOLUTely fantastic!!!


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