Sunday, April 09, 2006

rasam sweat and nariyal pani


me in chennai ... last 2 days have been exciting and boring at the same time. Waiting on railway stations for the train to come and then waiting in the train for the destination to come is really boring. sadly i experienced both.

in a boring train journey one of your constant companions are the ads of hakims and doctors who can treat all 'gupt' ailments. these ads can be seen from the train window almost everywhere in India. hours before reaching chennai when i peeked outside the train window i can see these ads in a script that was way different from hindi. i got the second signal of stepping into annaland when rasam was served as a starter instead of soup. train was a few hours from chennai but for me chennai had arrived.

i must say that so far i m impressed by chennai. apart frm the usual hassels of dishonest auto richshaw drivers, alien language and excessive garam masala in my kadai veg (btw it had only capsicum and beans in the name of kadai veg) chennai has been mostly gud.

i thought that kolkata was hot and humid but a day in chennai and i feel kolkata is a hill station. the gud part is that the heat makes me drink more of orange juice and nariyal pani. must say that the nariyal pani here is the best i ever had. it was zimplee waasum (thats simply awesome in tamil).

next 8 weeks are surely gonna be rocking .. m looking forward to a gud time at office and hopefully an AC aprtment... definitely more of nariyal pani, some Rasssam and a species called Tam Babes (is this an oxymoron) ...

ciao (i dunno how to say bye in tamil)