Friday, March 14, 2008

if you were LOST ...

The gtalk status message of a friend of mine read 'LOST' ... within minutes I had given him a dose of gyan on what I call going back to the nets ... I dunno if it helped him or not .. but it surely made me blog after a looooong time

lets spend a few lines on this funda .. basically .. every once in a while, we are stuck in a state of moodlessness or lostitude (i hope u understand what it means) ... it is beyond sheer disappointment or helplessness ... it is the state when our belief in ourselves is shaken to some extent ...

a way of coming out of this is to get back to the basics ... just as a cricketer goes back to the nets when he strikes poor form ... so where would I go ? may be to people who matter to me ... people who care to listen .. going back to things that I loved doing .. watching my favorite movie again ... plugging in the headphones and playing my favorite songs at full volume ... calling up a dear friend whom I havent talked to for a while .. eating daal chawal with hands ..
what would you do when u r Gtalk status would read LOST ?